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10 Way Enjoying Happy And Safe Diwali 2018

Celebrating at Home Safe Diwali Tips:

I’m sharing to you How to Celebrate Safe Diwali tips on this post. It’s the year! Safe Diwali 2018 is only in the corner and now it is time to wither when it comes to shopping for clothes, dessert, gifts, candles, lights, and fireworks. While celebrating the Light Festival, children get the most pleasure as they are getting cracked. All of us are cautious so that small children are not injured, boys are all children, children They have the responsibility to tell them to take care of them. Here’s how Diwali is safe for you to celebrate a safe Diwali

Buy less:

Good to buy fewer fireworks. In this way, you can save money and you can tell the children that the fatal consequences of cracking fireworks. You can tell them about noise and air pollution.

Safe Diwali Essay In English

Put flammables at bay:

Make sure to keep ideas and candlelight away from flammable materials like clothes, curtains, paper, and wood. Most importantly, keep the kids away from the Divine.

Store crackers safely:

                                                       Safe Diwali Posters

Close the crackers in a cool and dry place and keep it tight. Do not keep the day or the candles in the same cabinet, by keeping it aside. Keep them away from kids and pets

Emergency Caution

While bursting crackers, fill a bottle nearby. In case of an accident, call emergency number to call. Have some basic medicines with you.

Safety Diwali Pictures

What to speak:

Take your clothes while bursting crackers. Make sure your children do not wear innocent, artificial clothes. They should be wearing cotton clothes. You should take care of your saree pallus and dupattas.

One at a time

Always tell the children to tell a firecracker at a time. This will reduce the likelihood of injury

Lines of safe Diwali for Kids

Keep crackers away
Make sure that your children do not break the fireworks by holding them in their hands. Always keep an eye on them

Go to the best quality:

                                                 Eco-Friendly Diwali 

Always buy the best quality fireworks They may be a bit expensive, but remember that you are dealing with children here.

Go to open the ground

Do not crack the fireworks at the crowded places or on your terrace or balcony. Always go to the nearest open ground.

  1. Keep a watch

    Children are excited to break firecrackers. Always keep an eye on them and keep their hands.

Enjoying Safe and Pollution Free Diwali 2018 This Year. plz, Share your Thoughts and suggestion on Comment Box.

Happy Diwali safe Diwali  

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