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Diwali Laxmi Puja at Home 2018

How to do this Diwali Laxmi Puja at Home:


Diwali Puja at Home


Lakshmi puja is one of the vital customs performed amid the celebration of Diwali. This custom is performed to welcome Goddess Lakshmi Puja Diwali 2018. Supplications are offered to the Goddess, so the New Year (Hindu New Year) is loaded up with peace, riches and flourishing. The most effective method to do Diwali Puja depicts well-ordered directions to play out a basic Diwali puja process at home. While the greater part of the general population performs Lakshmi Pooja just on Diwali, it ought to be a day by day custom. One of the easiest custom ones can take after is to light an oil lightly before Maa Lakshmi with Lakshmi Puja Oil and Lakshmi Grace Wicks to summon the beauty of Maa Lakshmi.

Diwali Lakshmi Puja Date 

7th November 2018 (Wednesday)

Laxmi Pujan 2018 Vidhi in Hindi:


Purify your house:

Clean your house properly. Sprinkle Gangajal or water from Ganga river to purify the surrounding.

Set up the platform :

Spread the red material on a raised stage and keep a bunch of grains in the middle.

Place the kasha:



Place the Kalash in the center. Fill it with 75% of water and put one supari, one marigold bloom, a coin, and some rice grains. Put 5 mango leaves in the Kalash and mastermind them in around plan on the neck of the Kalash.


Place the Goddess Lakshmi:



Keep a little Puja thali on the Kalash and make a little level pile of rice grains. Draw a lotus with Haldi over it and place the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi in the inside. Place a few coins before it.


Place Lord Ganesha’s idol:



Lord Ganesha is given first importance in every puja. Therefore, on the right side (South-West direction) of the Kalash, place the idol of Ganesha. Apply a tilak of Haldi and kumkum. Put some rice grains on the idol. Light a Diya with Ganapati Puja Oil and White Madar Wick to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha

Diwali Pujan Mantra 

Presently put a few books or anything identified with your business or riches other than the plan.

Laxmi Puja Mantra

Light Diya:


Related image


Light a panch Mukhi Diya (oil light with 5 wicks) with Lakshmi Puja Oil alongside Lakshmi Grace Wick and place it in a thali alongside some Haldi, kumkum and rice grains. (sandalwood glue, saffron glue, Abeer, and Gulal are discretionary)

Lakshmi Puja Diwali 2018

Start Puja & Aarti:



Start Puja apply Tilak to the Kalash and apply to same Proses the lota that is the fille with water. Now offer Some Flowers to each to them.

Diwali Laxmi Puja at Home 

Recite Diwali Puja mantra:

Lakshmi Vinayaka Mantra (लक्ष्मी विनायक मन्त्र)
ॐ श्रीं गं सौम्याय गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानय स्वाहा॥

Lakshmi Ganesha Dhyana Mantra (लक्ष्मी गणेश ध्यान मन्त्र)

दन्ताभये चक्रवरौ दधानं, कराग्रगं स्वर्णघटं त्रिनेत्रम्।
धृताब्जयालिङ्गितमाब्धि पुत्र्या-लक्ष्मी गणेशं कनकाभमीडे॥

RinhartaGanapati Mantra(ऋणहर्ता गणपति मन्त्र)

ॐ गणेश ऋणं छिन्धि वरेण्यं हुं नमः फट्॥

Take some rice and blooms. Combine your hands and close your eyes. Discuss the Diwali puja mantra of goddess Lakshmi or simply serenade her name and contemplate for a couple of minutes to summon her.

Offer Flowers:


Offer the bloom and rice grains to the Goddess after the petition.


Bath the Idol of Lakshmi:



Presently get the symbol of Lakshmi and place it in a thali. Bathe it with water taken after by Panchamrita. Clean it with water once more. Wipe the symbol and place it back on the Kalash.


Put The Garland:



Presently apply Haldi and kumkum (shoe glue, saffron glue, Abeer or Gulal) alongside rice to the symbol. Place the wreath cotton dots around the neck of the Goddess. Place some marigold bloom and some Bel clears out. Consume a few Agarbatti and dhoop.

Offer Sweets and Coconut:



Offer coconut and place a supari on a supari leaf. Presently put some Haldi, kumkum, and rice over it. Pour some puffed rice, coriander seeds and cumin seeds over the symbol. Place some mithai, Diwali desserts, products of the soil or gold trimmings before it.


Perform Aarti’s:


Worship the icon by playing out the Lakshmi puja aarti.


Apply all steps for Diwali Laxmi Pujan Vidhi in Hindi PDF and Enjoying your Great Diwali 2018.

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